How is HR Like McDonalds?

Written on:March 6, 2013
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I like McDonald’s hamburgers, fries and shakes. Many, many other people do, too. It is staggering to think about how many customers are served daily by this company. McDonald’s tell us on their web site that they each and every day they serve “more than 47 million customers around the world”.

When I go to McDonald’s what do I get? Now, I am not talking about what food item I order. I am talking about the experience. What do I get? I get exactly what I expect to get. I get good to great service. The food is exactly what I expect. Every time I order a double cheeseburger I get exactly the same thing. The sandwich is the same as the last time I ordered it.
It meets my expectations.
Posted on September 24, 2012

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